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Always Call Before You Dig

April 2015 will once again be National Safe Digging Month, the time of year when all Common Ground Alliance stakeholders come together to communicate how important it is that professionals and homeowners alike call 811 and follow the safe digging process to help prevent injuries, property damage and inconvenient outages.

To assist damage prevention stakeholders in the promoting National Safe Digging Month, CGA has created a full suite of tools - ads, news releases, grassroots marketing programs and more - in the new 2014 CGA Communications Plan - http://www.call811.com/campaign-materials/Default.aspx#cpm.

Additionally, regular updates will be offered through CGA's Facebook and Twitter profiles.

"We Support Safe Digging Month" Buttons

The easiest way to get involved in supporting National Safe Digging Month is by working with your website administrator to place the code below into the back end of your website. This will make the NSDM support button appear on your site and link back to Call811.com to educate the public about 811.

300 x 250 Button

Sign the Safe Digging Month Proclamation

Sign the Safe Digging Month Proclamation Please join CGA in establishing April 2015 as National Safe Digging Month. By registering yourself and your company, you will be officially supporting underground damage prevention and CGA's mission to help keep our communities safe and connected.