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Always Call Before You Dig

Planting a treeWhile trees clean our air, provide shade and beauty, and make our yards and homes more comfortable, planting them is complicated and must be thoughtfully planned out. 

Where you plant your tree is very important. When planting your tree, you may be tempted to plant where the tree would look the best or provide the most shade, but that could be a mistake. Not only could you damage an underground utility line when you plant it, but as your tree matures its roots may grow into your utility lines and disrupt your service, requiring you to remove what you've planted. Or, a tree planted too close to your home could damage your foundation. Smart digging is no accident: always call 811 before you dig.

Know the growth habits of the tree you are planting, and how its roots will grow when mature. For instance, the root systems of willow trees are particularly aggressive and should be planted well away from any underground impediment. Think above you too...make sure your new tree will not grow tall enough to interfere with overhead lines either.

All states require those who plan on digging to call ahead to get their utility lines marked before digging, and while your desired spot might make a great location for a swing, it may be directly above an underground utility line.  By calling 811 a few days before you dig, you'll make sure your tree will provide all the benefits you want while still protecting your property and family. One easy phone call to 811 gets your underground utility lines marked for free.

Remember, know what's below. Always call before you dig.